AWS Fargate Services

Managing Containers and Clusters is not an easy task. AWS has come up with easy and low cost solution for this and its none other than “AWS Fargate Services.”

AWS Fargate services has made it easy to run containers. You no longer need to provision the virtual machines and creating clusters. Initially we used to create a virtual machine using EC2 service and configuring its instance using Amazon Machine Images. Now those are the old days.

Today we use the docker containers to run the application. Docker helps to maintain same homogeneous environment for QA, Developers and production. Now you are not worried about the code which runs on developers machine but not on QA. If the code is running at one place then it will run everywhere.

Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) is a container orchestration service provided by AWS which helps to maintain the docker containers. AWS Fargate is a compute engine for Amazon ECS that allows you to run container without having to manage servers or clusters. Fargate helps you to focus on designing and building your applications instead of managing the infrastructure that runs them.

You use the Fargate, when you don’t want to have granular control over the server level tasks and just want to launch your application. Here you just need to create tasks which are compatible with Fargate and then Fargate will help you auto scale your application. Here you just need to do some networking stuff and define IAM policies.

You can run any number of container using AWS Fargate with the same image. You can look over each container using AWS monitoring and cloud watch. You can also put some health check and make this task stable after finding the root causes of health check failure.

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