German Shepherd Dog Breed

German Shepherd dogs breed

German Shepherd dogs are brightest, easy to socialize, easy to train, easy to pet, best guard, lovely family members and loyal friends.

It is believed that this bread is originated in Germany that’s why the name German Shepherd is given to this breed. German shepherd breed is loyal, intelligent. easy to pet and train and obedient much more than other breed. This is the reason that this breed is widely used for disability assistant, guarding, herding, search and rescue, police dog and military roles etc.

This breed of German shepherds are medium to large size dogs. A male GSD might have height more that 24 inch and female dog may have height 22 inch to 24 inch.


GSD are more intelligent dogs in caparison of other breed. This is the main reason that the breed is highly accepted as police and working dogs. The Intelligence of Dogs is a 1994 book on dogs intelligence by Stanley Coren. The author is a psychology professor and he has kept this breed above other dog breads in terms of intelligence. German Shepherd is among the top 3 brightest dog breeds according to this book.

The word shepherd is added because of there usability of assisting and herding with shepherds. After the end of the world war I this bread has gained popularity around the world. Its police and military utilization was amazing in world war I.

German shepherd dogs have been seen in may Bollywood and Hollywood movies since long time.

Overall GSDs are the best dog to have in you home. They love and care for your family in return they just expect some love from you. Don’t you think, Its time to bring a German. German Shepherd Dogs have earned a great reputation among the world and Countries allowing them to be pet and live with the families.

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