Interior Decoration- How to buy curtains online

Window Furnishing: There are various verities of curtains available in the market but the question is how to select one which will make your home look luxurious after paying less ?

When it comes to Window Furnishing then your curtains are the show stoppers. Every thing depends on curtain and it is important to know that how to buy curtains online.

While buying the curtain first remember below tips:

  1. Color place the very important role in decoration. When buying online then Select the Curtain which has a matching color with your walls and its better to have two colors in the curtain one matching with the wall and one matching with the furniture.
  2. Sometimes it happen the color which ordered is not same in the curtain which has delivered. There happen due to various reasons such as brightness of your screen was less or the pic posted on the website was taken in different light so be aware of that.
  3. Before ordering measure the length of you window or door so that you order a perfect height. If height does not match then it catches the attention of guests.
  4. Transparent Curtains need to be bought carefully because it is not easy to identify that the curtains are how much transparent when shop online.
Curtain matched with walls

When Decorating your home try to use two layers of curtains as you can see in the image above. It gives a beautiful look to your windows. If the inner layer is transparent then the view looks awesome.

You need double rod to hang the curtain which is easily available in the market. First layer can be a transparent curtain and second layer can be black-out curtain for the privacy.

There are three types of curtain available in the market.

  1. 30-90% transparent: These type of curtains are useful when you want some sunlight coming in your room. These are the curtains which can be used in living room.
  1. 10 -30 % transparent: These type of curtain can be used for the second layer in the living room.When there are two layer then it provides 100% privacy also gives a beautiful look to your living room.
  1. 0-2% transparent: These curtains are best for your bed room. It provides 100% privacy when closed. You can also use these kind of curtains when you want to avoid sunlight.

There are two types of stitching in Curtain:

  1. Eyelet Curtain: These are the curtains with the ring which can be directly hang with rod without hooks. Remember if the rod is very thick then eyelet ring will not move freely.

2. Hooks: These are the curtains with the hooks. It gives the fancy look to the windows and doors.

Selection of perfect curtain is not an easy task but if you succeed then all your guest will never want to leave a beautiful place created by you. It will take some effort some effort to buy curtain online but it will pay you off with appreciation from you guests.

Curtains selection is one of the most important things which should not be left behind. Check out the curtain ideas. Now you know how to buy curtains online. If you want to buy the curtains do follow this link.

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