Is the Himalaya best place to meditate

Think where you should meditate at Home or in the Himalayan Forests

Is the Himalayas best place to meditate

Lots of time we hear that people say after retirement I will go to Himalayas for peace. Now the question is, do they really want to go to the mountainous forests to meditate. Is the Himalayas best to meditate ?

I think they don’t want to go to Himalayas because the life in forests is not really easy. Not everyone is ready for Himalayan life, you need to know what to apply when poisonous insects bites, you need to know which herbs to consume and are not deadly and poisonous and much more you need to know like cooking, cleaning and all.

For meditation you doesn’t only need peaceful place, you also need place where you can sit comfortably, you need a place where you save time to meditate instead of cooking and cleaning, you need a place where you can be alive for longer time period.

Your home can also be a wonderful place to meditate because there you can meditate without worrying about your family. You can continuously achieve your spiritual goals there also. There is nothing wrong in living with family and meditating at night time. You can also join some meditation group where people sit together to meditate and share there experiences.

People used go to Himalayas in the time of Mahabharata because living in the city and living in the forest was almost the same thing. They were train to live with insects and other animals. If you still want to go to Himalayas then there are various Ashrams in Himalayan region. You can join any and stay some days and then decide that you want to stay there or come home.

Spiritual goal can be achieved from anywhere when in old times Asur can meditate on single foot for many yugas then why can’t we just by siting home. Here is one of the link to find some place on Himalaya please check out and investigate by yourselves.

If you want to learn how to meditate at home then please read this article and post your queries.

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