Missing big returns on short term stock trades

This is the time when market volatile and stocks are giving moves around 10 to 20% every day but there are investor who are loosing money in short term trades. Nifty has gain around 15% from the March low and some Investors has gained 25-30% but some has gained only 5-6%.

If you have not earned return yet this shows that you are aggressive investor who has lack of patients patience. This is the time when fortunes are created but who fears to invest this time they miss out the opportunities. Are you also missing big returns on short term stock trades?

Currently people think that market can create new lows and this is the fear that prevents people from investing but this is also true that market has recovered 15% from the lows. When market will make new lows we cannot time the market but we are investors and we have to sit tight after buying right. Returns will come because when the share price will jump that we can not expect. Who thought HUL will record 52 week high of 2614 in such a difficult time.

How you can improve on your returns

The big change that you have to bring in your attitude against market is focus on more then 5-10% return instead of 1-2%. Choose the stocks which are compatible with the situation. This will help you get better returns on your choices. Stay away from volatile stocks. These stocks are good for trading but if you want slow and steady earning then pick the stock which are dependable. These stocks fall less and grow less but at the end 50% downside will need 100% regain.

Dont be late

When a stock makes 10% and you are not in that stock it means you have loosen a big move. Investing is all about predicting the future of stocks and if fail in that it means you are not doing good as a investor and if you are not doing good as a investor then you will start making unrealistic assumption.


There is a big move going to come in the market and you don’t wanna missing big returns on short trades so be ready and try these ideas. Look for big returns, stay invested and don’t be late.

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