Preparations before Practicing Yoga

Most of the time people start doing Yoga without knowing that there are some prerequisites which you need to know. Here we are going to discuss about how to do preparation before practicing Yoga.

Practitioners should follow below rules in their daily lives

  • Leave the bed early in the morning. Take 2-4 deep breaths after getting up. Move you body to loose up the body parts like your hands, wrists, neck and knee. Now drink at least 1 liter of fresh water slowly slowly.
  • complete you daily routine activities such as get fresh, brush up your teeth etc. Initially repeat the daily activity later you have to start 6 new activity which we will discuss later in this book.
  • After the daily routine activity, start with some simple Yoga postures. Don’t try difficult Aasnas (Postures) initially, your body will slowly slowly transform to be more flexible and strengthen.
  • Decide a time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep and Yoga practice. For a valid reason you skip any of this but not regular. Your daily routine boost your immunity, If skip it lets sleeping late night or not having breakfast will impact your cosmic energy.
  • Yoga posture must be practiced before sun rise. In case you could not get up early then do it withing 1 hr of sun rise. If you want to do it in evening then sunset is the right time.

Food is very important element of your daily routine. You must have Satvik food if you want do Yoga with your mind and sole. Satvik food means the food which does not include meet or any kind on non veg, less spices are used, it is easy to digest. It include vegetables, cereals, sprouts, breads king of stuffs cooked or uncooked.

In Yoga there are three kinds of foods

  • Rajsik Food is the Royal food which include costly dishes but not good for body.
  • Tamsik Food is the Food which activates violent elements inside you such as raw meet or animal.
  • Satvik Food is the Food to Yogies which makes your mind happy and peaceful. You are not guilty of killing animals to feed yourselves. It is light and digestive. It is balanced with protein, vitamins and other minerals.

Take 7-8 hour of sleep regularly. These is also important as food. This will fresh you up and make you ready for next. There are some more prerequisites which we will discuss in next blog.

Till then try to change the habbits

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