Run SQL file using PSql client in Postgres Db on windows 10

Most of the time people struggle with running the postgres sql file with psql from the command prompt

– Postgres need to be install on your windows 10 machine
– psql.exe path must be included in Environment variable path

Create an sql file with the command “SELECT Now()” and save with name test.sql .

To run this file open command prompt and navigate to the file path.
run command > psql -U postgres -d postgres -a -f ./test.sql
result: time printed

ere -U parameter is for username which postgres and -d is database which is again postgres

Run this file from the another sql file. To do this create a sql file in same directory and type the command “\i ./test.sql” and save with name test2.sql.

Now to run test2.sql
run command > psql -U postgres -d postgres -a -f ./test2.sql
result time printed

Now to run the file with host name
>psql -h <HostName> -p 5432 -U postgres -d <DatabaseName> -a -f ./test2.sql
for more information refer to this link

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