Sun Salutation is the great start of the day (Surya Namaskara)

Surya Namaskara is the group of stretching exercises in Yoga and it provides mental and physical strength

To perform Surya Namaskara, There are couple of perquisite which makes it better.

  1. You need to get up early in the morning time when Sun is orange or Red and sun light is very low so that you can see at the sun for some time.
  • 2. You need to wear loose or stretchy cloths so that you can move your body freely.
  • 3. Choose a peaceful place near to the nature such as a beach or a garden.
  • 4. Better to have Yoga mat

Now you are ready to start

While performing Surya Namaskara, You must have to have a peaceful mind so that you can concentrate on your body parts. Yoga is the why to combine mind, sole and body. Let’s start Surya Namaskara

step 1 . Stand on your feet and keep the face towards sun. Close your eyes and join both the hands in Namaste pose. Now nurture this thought in mind that “The Sun which is the reason of the existence of every living creature is going to shine again this morning and going to make my day immensely productive and bright like his light. The sun light is coming inside me to boost my all conscious and subconscious energies to live the day at fullest.”

step 2 . First step was to involve your mind and now in second step we start involving body. Open your hands and stretch your complete body upper side and then backward side.

step 3 . Now bent down to touch your feet. People who are more flexible can touch their knees with the head.

step 4 . Take your left foot backward and bent the other knee so that you can touch the ground with the palms.

step 5. Now take your other foot backward and pull your hips upside.

step 6. Lay down on the ground and stretch towards backside.

step 7. come forward and lay down again on ground

step 8. Come to step 5 position and pull your hips again.

step 9. Bring your right foot forward this time repeat the step 4.

step 10. In step 10, you have to repeat step 3

step 11. In step 11, you have to repeat step 2

step 12. In step 12, you have to repeat step 1

So easy and it gives a boost to your morning everyday. If you are ready to start you can order your yoga mat and yoga pents and get set go.

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Thank You Guys !!!

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