Yoga to fight Coronavirus symptoms

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has already been declared pandemic. Protection is the only way to fight corona virus. Yoga can help to boost immunity and strengthen your respiratory system.

Here is Yoga to fight Coronavirus.

Lets first know your enemy

Disclaimer: This article is for Yoga to boost immunity and as per recent research it show that good immunity helps to fight any kind of infection. This article does not claim that Yoga can work like a medicine for covid-19.

To fight coronavirus first you need to know how it affects your body. This virus travel man to man contact and it symptoms of other flu and cold like nose block, fever and problem in respiration. Who have smoking habits or the persons who are aged have more fatality rates due to this virus. Diabetic person are not able to fight with it in most of cases. Here is the Yoga to fight Coronavirus symptoms

Yoga to strengthen your respiratory systems

Pranayam is basic way to strengthen your respiratory system.

Kapalbhanti Pranayam:

First you need to sit in the lotus position and close your eyes then exhale without inhalation and with each exhalation pull your stomach inside. Repeate this process again and again. This is the most important exercise to strengthen your respiratory system and every normal person (who does not have asthma ) should do it every day for at least 5 mins.

Benefits: It cleans your lungs, strengthen respiratory capacity and help to balance weight, removes stomach fat, boost immunity, increase oxygen flow.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam

This is another pranayam to boost your immunity by opening both of your nostrils and balancing the inhalation and exhalation by both the nostrils. If any one of the nostril is close due to the flue then it reduces your immunity and you get the fever to fight with virus and bacteria.

To do the the Anulom Vilom Pranayam you need to sit in the same position and close one nostril with the thumb to exhale from other one. now pause breath and don’t inhale from the same nostril. Pull the thumbs up and close the other nostril with any finger then inhale when your body is desperate to inhale. Repeat this from both the nostril for five mins. Remember don’t force yourself more than your capacity.

Benefits: Improves respiratory and boost immunity

Bhastrika Pranayam

Bhastrika Pranayam is simple and easy then other all pranayams. Sit in the same position and inhale and exhale deep breaths and keep increasing your capacity of inhalation and exhalation.

Benefits: Boost immunity and strengthen respiratory systems.

Yoga positions to help boosting immunity

Here we will discuss couple of positions in Yoga to fight coronavirus and stay healthy.


Sit properly on your knees and make fist from both the hands. Pull stomach inside and bend yourself at front side keeping your fist between stomach and thighs. As given in the image


After Lunch and dinner if someone can sit in below position that is really helps a lot improve digestion and boost immunity.


Below is the Uttanpad position. This helps to reduce belly fat and strengthen stomach muscles. A powerful digestion system keep many diseases away and boost immunity.

This are Yoga exercise to boost the immune system and Yoga to fight Coronavirus symptoms. Till today Dr does not have medicine for the Coronavirus and they only fight with the symptoms. Yoga can also fight with the symptoms. This article does not claim that Yoga will remove the Corona yes but It can help fight corona symptoms such as flue and fever by keeping you healthy.

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